Full-text search for your browsing history

Find anything you’ve seen using any clues you remember, or scroll through your past activity. You never have to worry about tab overload or bookmarking websites you’ve visited before. 

Perfect for popping up pages you use a lot but don’t want to keep open all the time or digging up stuff from way back. Just type in what bit you recall in the moment, and boom, it’s there.

Introducing browspilot

"It’s so basic and essential it's hard to believe it wasn’t available until now."

Features coming soon

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Automatic Categorization

Your browsing history gets automatically sorted into categories. Just keep browsing, and we handle the organizing.

Automatic Categorization

Latest updates

Features you can already enjoy!

Faster and more relevant search

Search results are now prioritized based on their relevance to your query, throughout titles, content, or domain information.

Confluence and jira

Prouctivity search

Find anything within seconds in Confluence and Jira.

Social search

You can now hit up a comment or opinion you liked on Reddit, X, Instagram, or TikTok.

social networks search
Personalized backgrounds

Personalized backgrounds

Customize your workspace by selecting a background that enhances your comfort and suits your personal style.

Home pages

Quickly access the home pages of your most frequently visited sites. For example, start your day by opening top news sources like The New York Times or catch up on videos from YouTube, all with ease and speed.

Gmail search

Find details of a discussion in Gmail.

Flexible Keyword Search

Find what you’re looking for, even if you don’t remember the exact order of the words.

Detailed view

Detailed view

Detailed View features thumbnails from your visited links and displays content snippets for each page. 

Domain filters

Sort and view pages from your most frequently visited sites, such as Google Docs, Amazon.com, YouTube, or The New York Times, using domain-based filters.

Search as you type

Search as you type

As you begin typing, results appear in real-time, pulling from titles, content, and domain names—no need to press enter. 

Privacy & security

Your data won’t be sold on – that’s why we have subscription plans – and will only be processed to the extent necessary to help you work with it. 

Your data will only be read and used by you.

Frequently asked questions

Foremost, if you’re doing research, frequently revisiting content, or juggling multiple projects daily, you’ll save an incredible amount of time and actually find things. Over time, you’ll totally lose the habit of keeping tabs open or bookmarking things.

We released Browspilot as early as we could, and we know there is a long way to go to make it even better, but we feel that it already provides value. We are eager to hear your feedback or feature requests to help us improve.

Browspilot allows you to search and browse up to 1,000 links for free. After you have exceeded 1,000 links, a subscription fee of 3 USD per user/month applies. This enables you to continue to search older links beyond the most recent 1,000.

You can start using Browspilot by installing our Chrome extension. Once registered, you can begin to use the various features to enhance your web browsing experience.

Browspilot uses advanced full-text search technology. It scans through titles, metadata, and page contents to find exactly what you’re looking for, whether it’s a key phrase in a webpage title or an obscure term within a document.

With Browspilot, the need for traditional bookmarking is significantly reduced. Its intelligent system logs your browsing history automatically and categorizes it for easy retrieval, minimizing the need to save individual pages as bookmarks.

No, deleting your browsing history will not affect the data stored in Browspilot.

In the free plan, we do not save anything to the cloud. If you delete your extension, you will have to restart the process, meaning you won’t be able to search for links you visited before reinstalling Browspilot. Paid plans will include saving your data to the cloud, so you can temporarily delete your extension if needed, or have a shared history across multiple devices.

No, it does not save data when the extension is turned off.

This feature is not available yet. Please send us a feature request if you’d like to see this functionality.

Yes, we save all webpages you visit.

We save website data including URLs, content, thumbnails, favicons, and metadata like short descriptions to enhance the user experience.


No, it does not save data from incognito windows.



No, we do not save your passwords. We only save website data that you can see.

This feature is not available yet. Please send us a feature request if you’d like this option.

No, we currently do not have backfill functionality. Please send us a feature request if you need this.

There is no limit to how far back you can search your data. We save everything since you installed the extension, whether it’s been weeks or years.


Not yet. Please send us a feature request if you’d like this feature.


Not yet. Please send us a feature request if this is important to you.


Currently, Browspilot is only available for Chrome.


Absolutely! We are a research-driven company, and there is nothing we enjoy more than co-creating with the people who use our products. Send us an email or use our „Share an idea” form!



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