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Frequently asked questions

Browspilot is a revolutionary web tool that helps users organize, search, and revisit their browsing history. It employs an intelligent system that automatically logs and categorizes your browsing history, thus eliminating the need for manual sorting.

Browspilot allows you to save up to 1,000 links for free. After you have saved 1,000 links, a subscription fee of 3 USD per user/month applies. This enables you to continue to save and search links beyond the initial 1,000.

You can start using Browspilot by downloading our Chrome extension. Once registered, you can begin to use the various features to enhance your web browsing experience.

Browspilot uses advanced full-text search technology. It scans through titles, metadata, and page contents to find exactly what you’re looking for, whether it’s a key phrase in a webpage title or an obscure term within a document.

Yes, Browspilot has a shared browsing feature. This allows you to search across your team’s browsing histories, enhancing your findings with the collective wisdom of your peers.

The shared browsing feature enables team collaboration and collective discovery. It recognizes time spent on pages, adapts to your team’s priorities, and uses this information to deliver the most relevant search results. Furthermore, it suggests related content based on your team’s interactions.

With Browspilot, the need for traditional bookmarking is significantly reduced. Its intelligent system logs your browsing history automatically and categorizes it for easy retrieval, minimizing the need to save individual pages as bookmarks.

Yes, Browspilot has been designed to provide a user-friendly experience. Its features like full-text search and auto-logging of browsing history are geared towards ease of use and effective web exploration

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